Hawai‘i Island

Farmers, Chefs Rely on Food Hubs for Consistency in Supply and Demand

Oct 16, 2023

As part of the Island of Hawai‘i’s Destination Management Action Plan (DMAP), Action F., to promote agritourism, and partner with Hawai‘i Island’s agriculture industry to support local food security, IHVB released a third press release “Farmers Chefs Rely on Food Hubs For Consistency in Supply and Demand” to 91 media contacts highlighting the farming communities and the interrelationship farmers have with Foodhubs, and hotels and restaurants and their Chefs. 

Luis Rincon, who has been operating Rincon Family Farms in Waimea for 35 years and other island farmers rely on Hawai‘i Island’s six food hubs to aggregate, market and deliver their produce to ease the work load of farming. Hubs are located around the island with Adaptations in Kealakekua, Hawaiʻi ‘Ulu Cooperative in Honalo, the Kohala Food Hub in Hāwī and three hubs in Hilo: OK Farms, Ho‘ōla Farms and the Hawaiʻi Food Basket.

Soni Pomaski, owner/operator at Moon & Turtle restaurant in Hilo says “Besides helping farmers be successful by ensuring a steady demand for crops, food hubs provide restaurants with a consistent supply of desired ingredients...food hubs are a win-win for both restaurants and food producers as “farmers, ranchers and fisherman are great at what they do, but not always best at marketing."   

Read the article on the Big Island Gazette link below. 

Big Island Gazette; Farmers Chefs Rely on Food Hubs for Consistency in Supply and Demand

Photo 1 above: Makana Raw Farms in Hilo sells a variety of veggies and herbs through several island food hubs, including cucumbers. Photo courtesy Makana Raw Farms.

Photo 2 above: Situated in Pāhala’s Wood Valley, Ancient Valley Growers provides food hubs with a dozen types of veggies geared for chefs, māmaki tea, eggs and chicken. Photo courtesy Ancient Valley Growers.

Photo 3 above: Award-winning caterer and chef Dayne Tanabe of DYNE by Chefbuddha dazzles diners with his delicious and tempting fare that stars local proteins, veggies, herbs and fruits. Photo courtesy DYNE by Chefbuddha.